Call for Papers


We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the upcoming special section on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health in our esteemed journal "Health Nexus". This section is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of AI's role and impact in various health-related fields, including Sports Sciences, Psychology, and Public Health.

Join us in exploring the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence and health, and contribute to a future where technology enhances wellbeing in diverse and meaningful ways. We welcome empirical research, systematic reviews, and cross-disciplinary studies that explore both the innovative applications of AI and its potential challenges and ethical implications in these areas:

Topics of Interest
In Sports Sciences:

  • AI-driven insights for athletic performance enhancement.
  • AI-based injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • AI in talent identification and performance prediction.
  • Sports biomechanics and physiology analytics through AI.
  • AI's impact on athletes' mental health.
  • Ethical concerns and fairness in AI applications in sports.
  • Over-reliance on AI in sports decision-making and performance.
  • Data privacy and security in AI sports applications.

In Psychology:

  • Psychological impacts of AI and digital device overuse.
  • AI-driven social media's effects on mental health.
  • AI in mental health services: patient privacy and trust.
  • AI-induced biases in psychological assessments and treatments.
  • AI-enhanced accuracy in mental health diagnoses.
  • AI tools for personalized mental health treatments.
  • AI's role in understanding human cognitive processes.
  • Effectiveness of AI-assisted psychological interventions.

In Public Health:

  • AI's influence on healthcare access and equity.
  • AI in medical diagnostics: accuracy and overreliance consequences.
  • Socioeconomic effects of AI automation in healthcare.
  • Cybersecurity in healthcare AI systems.
  • AI in public health surveillance and disease tracking.
  • AI for healthcare resource optimization.
  • Epidemiological modeling and disease prediction via AI.
  • Personalized public health interventions through AI.

Submission Details
We encourage authors to submit original research articles, reviews, case studies, and thought-provoking essays. Submissions should align with the objectives, focus, and scope outlined for each field. Papers will be evaluated based on their novelty, scientific quality, and relevance to the section's theme.

How to Submit
Authors can find detailed submission guidelines and information about the journal on the "Submission" and "About the Journal" pages of our website. Submissions should adhere to the journal's formatting and ethical standards. We look forward to your contributions to this exciting and evolving field.