The Business of Sports: Insights into Effective Sports Management and Marketing Strategies




Business, Sports, , Effective Sports Management, Marketing Strategies


This letter to the editor provides an extensive overview of the current state and future directions of sports management, integrating insights from a wide range of scholarly research. It highlights the dynamic and complex nature of the sports industry, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship, high-quality research, and the adoption of shared value perspectives in addressing the challenges faced by sports managers. Through a detailed analysis of various studies, the letter discusses the integration of corporate social responsibility, the impact of digital technology, the significance of education in preparing future leaders, and the interconnectedness of sports with broader economic and societal goals. It calls for a multidisciplinary approach to sports management that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, underscoring the role of continuous innovation and ethical management practices. The letter concludes by advocating for closer collaboration between academia and industry to foster a more resilient, inclusive, and innovative sports industry, capable of contributing to the well-being of communities worldwide.


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Ehteshamnejad, E., & Pakzad, M. . (2023). The Business of Sports: Insights into Effective Sports Management and Marketing Strategies. Health Nexus, 1(4), 78-80.

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