Investigating the impact of the Corona pandemic on the increase in violence against women



Corona and women, family violence, rights, law


The widespread pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the implementation of measures to prevent the disease, including home quarantine and restrictions on movement, led families to be exposed to many social, psychological, and economic harms. Domestic violence against women is one of the harms that increased during the Corona crisis. This study investigated the reasons for the increase in family violence against women during the spread of the Coronavirus and analyzed the role of laws in protecting the victims. This study was conducted using a descriptive method of a systematic review type. In this method, research findings that were found during the outbreak of Corona in the databases ScienceDirect, Google Scholar, Med Internet Res, JMRH, Frooyesh, and Rescue were analyzed by searching for the keywords of Corona and women, domestic violence, family violence and the Corona crisis, the law and the victim of violence. Among the 40 reviewed articles, 9 that met the research criteria were selected and investigated. The findings showed that the rate of domestic violence against women has increased in all its types. Studies have shown that mobility restrictions, economic stressors, increased alcohol consumption, and psychological disorders are among the factors that increase family violence against women in the Corona crisis. Due to the limited communication of the victims with the outside world, the gaps in the laws, and their lack of updating in the field of domestic violence, the law to protect women cannot be practical except in a few cases.


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Rahimi, A., & Saadati, S. A. (2023). Investigating the impact of the Corona pandemic on the increase in violence against women. Journal of Psychosociological Research in Family and Culture, 1(1), 5-8.