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Health Nexus is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing and disseminating groundbreaking research in human health. This journal uniquely focuses on the synergistic relationship among four key areas: sports sciences, psychology, public health, and emerging technologies in health. By embracing this diverse yet interconnected scope, Health Nexus serves as a dynamic platform for researchers to present their latest findings and contribute significantly to the enhancement of human health and well-being.

The journal invites a wide array of submissions, including original research articles, comprehensive reviews, insightful meta-analyses, theoretical explorations, and practical applications. These contributions are expected to advance knowledge and understanding in each of the journal's core areas: sports sciences' role in physical and mental health, psychological perspectives on wellness, public health strategies for community and global health improvement, and the transformative impact of emerging technologies in healthcare.

Health Nexus is committed to fostering the development of evidence-based practices and interventions. By integrating research from sports sciences, psychology, public health, and emerging technologies in health, the journal aims to offer a holistic view of human health. This approach ensures the promotion of well-being in all aspects of life, encouraging innovative solutions to health challenges in today's rapidly evolving world.


Call for Papers


We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the upcoming special section on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health in our esteemed journal "Health Nexus". This section is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of AI's role and impact in various health-related fields, including Sports Sciences, Psychology, and Public Health.

Join us in exploring the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence and health, and contribute to a future where technology enhances wellbeing in diverse and meaningful ways. We welcome empirical research, systematic reviews, and cross-disciplinary studies that explore both the innovative applications of AI and its potential challenges and ethical implications in these areas:

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