Strategies to reduce the gap between the current and desired status of sexual education of high school students from the perspective of teachers




Sex education, adolescence, sex education solutions, sex education needs.


Background and Aim: Sexual education is one of the important aspects of education that is necessary to pay attention to in the adolescent period, despite significant studies in this field, so far no comprehensive and efficient solutions have been provided to improve the situation of adolescent sexual education. The main goal of this research was to identify the appropriate solutions to reduce the gap between the current and desired sex education in the first year of secondary school, from the teachers' point of view. Methods: The research method is practical in terms of its purpose, descriptive-survey in terms of its nature and method, and the tool for collecting information is a researcher-made questionnaire. The validity of the content of the questionnaire has been checked and confirmed by calculating the Laushe coefficient and the reliability of the questionnaire by testing it and calculating the bisection method. The statistical population of the research was all the teachers and executive staff of the first secondary schools of Hamedan province in 1400, of which 380 people were selected by multi-stage cluster random sampling. T and FREDMAN statistical tests were used in the data analysis in the SPSS22 software environment. Results: 15 strategies were identified to improve the status of sex education in schools. Placing content related to sexual education in textbooks makes all schools obliged to present those topics to students and already with educational design, consider various educational elements and comprehensive and efficient education in this have context The participation of parents and teachers in the sexual education of students and the preparation of parents in terms of motivational factors, knowledge and ability in the sexual education of adolescents makes the education more effective in this field. The inclusion of an extra-curricular lesson with the title of "deserving boys and girls" in schools will provide opportunities for education related to sexual education to students jointly at the level of all schools. The attractive title of the lesson makes students more interested in these topics. Conclusion: Considering that the modesty of a number of students prevents them from asking confidential questions in the field of sexual issues, the use of indirect education tools such as question boxes and non-present communication channels can be effective in the sexual education of students.


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Afshari, M., Sarmadi, M. R., & Nateghi, F. (2023). Strategies to reduce the gap between the current and desired status of sexual education of high school students from the perspective of teachers. Journal of Adolescent and Youth Psychological Studies (JAYPS), 4(1), 134-144.

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